Everyone Is Dancing And Listening To The Blues

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How The Blues Have Shaped Rock And Roll Music
What makes the blues so special? The truth is that without the blues there would be no rock and roll. Moreover, if there was no rock and roll, then punk and new wave music would probably sound vastly different. In other words, the blues were an indispensable and highly influential movement in music history. Additionally, blues artists became increasingly popular through the advent of Continue Reading…

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Young At Heart Dancing The Day Away

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American history is full of dancing, from the foxtrot of the 1920s to the swing of the 1960s. Throughout the country, dance studios are keeping this form of history alive by offering classes in all sorts of dance. Popular television shows have increased interest in formal and casual dancing, and it’s easy for enthusiasts to find a place to take lessons or simply enjoy a social dance. Dancing has many benefits for practitioners.

Staying active is Continue Reading…

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The Band Talks About Being On Tour

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The band talks about being on tour after years of years of performances. It should come as no surprise that it’s hard to keep the energy alive with something so tedious. Lots of bands dismember and fold, but true artists find a way to keep touring even when the schedules become strenuous.

It’s easy to see how the members of the various jazz bands can keep going. It’s obvious that they are motivated by much Continue Reading…

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Modern Jazz Masters: Boney James

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If you haven’t heard of this man then you need to stop reading this and head on down to the nearest music store or fire up the old 4G broadband service and download a track.

Boney James is one of the most influential modern and urban jazz musicians of our time. With three Grammy Awards and a Soul Train Award under his belt, James has continued to dazzle the music world with his unique blend of soothing saxophone and cold, hard distance and isolation. At times the music is soothing, at other times it is sad but it is always soulful and full of life. These are real feelings and real emotions, layers of meaning packed into every note.

His live performances have been widely acclaimed as well. He doesn’t just stand rigid like a straw man while the audience watches. He confidently maneuvers his way through the crowd, getting everyone into the action and never missing a beat.

If you haven’t heard of this legendary man, then you need to wake up and get on board.

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Dancing Your Way To Better Health

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One of the keys to losing weight and getting or staying healthy is exercising. The amount of time needed varies with different needs. For example, to maintain one’s weight, 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week is necessary. In order to lose weight, though, 60 minutes of exercise five times a week is needed. This exercise only counts toward the time if it is aerobic. This means that the exercise must increase and sustain one’s heartbeat and breathing, which benefits cardiovascular health. Continue Reading…

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Share In The Wonder Of Great Music

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Music can do many things, it can make you feel better when you are feeling down, it can drive emotions, it can inspire, and it also can bring memories back from the haze of the past. Music is kind of a cultural memory in a way. Different styles, evolutions, or even just rhythms can define the significance of an era. Listen to Gershwin-s Rhapsody in Blue, the jazzy undertones and playful runs make me think of the 50-s. It is still a standard for many musicians and composers alike.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Even if you don-t know the song by name Continue Reading…

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Enjoying The Ballet With The Entire Family

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Enjoying the ballet with the entire family can be a wonderful and educational experience. It maybe that some of your family is all for it, but then others grumble about going on such an outing together. If this is true then try exposing them to some of the more popular ballet shows, like the Nutcracker and others that are popular during the holiday season. It might be helpful to explain to some unwilling family members, that the ballet is akin to the martial arts and that dance is a pinnacle artform like athletics. All Continue Reading…

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Composers Share Their Heart And Soul

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Music is an incredibly powerful mode of expression. Composers have so many choices and methods for drawing out emotions both of their own and for the listeners. Different styles of music can inspire different emotions. A lot of modern compositions can deal with a range from soft and intimate to powerful and booming. Jazz and swing both have great methods for using lighter feels that get you moving. With modern composers have some sounds at their disposal that weren-t around in the past with the use of electronics such as synthesizers Continue Reading…

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